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At Healthy Heart Series, we have successfully educated patients who are in need of cardiac information. Our team has conducted clinical services, BLS training and certification, community outreach and education, fitness activities, and much more to reach out to patients.

About Montserrat

Montserrat is a tiny British Island in the Eastern Caribbean with inhabitants predominantly of African descent but with inter racial mixing of Arawak and Carib Indians as well as the early European settlers.
The island is roughly 40 square miles, but over two-thirds of the land is uninhabitable. The island used to be a vibrant and thriving place to live before the volcano erupted after being dormant for nearly 400 years. It became active in 1995.
The first major eruption occurred in 1997, with 19 deaths due to people moving back into the forbidden zone. There were a total of three significant eruptions. Most of the other volcanic activity included acid rain, heavy ash, and sulfur emissions. These events destroyed the capital and many surrounding areas.
The loss of infrastructure and revenue resulted in a mass exodus of people, over 80% of the population. There are now approximately 6000 people on the island crowded into the northernmost portion of the island. Many have experienced the loss of loved ones and relatives. However, life is being slowly rebuilt, and the last significant eruption occurred in 2010.
On the island, we see a high incidence of hypertension and diabetes, perhaps in part evoked by the stress and repercussion of the volcano. Along with the exodus of lay people in 1997, members of the medical community are left with no cardiovascular specialist on the island. The islanders thus fall into three categories.

  • No cardiac care.
  • Insufficient cardiac care provided by internists.
  • Partial care on a neighboring island or abroad if the family has the financial capability.
Cardiac Evaluation & Treatment

Dr. Fergus was invited by the government to perform cardiac evaluation and treatment. In August 2011, a small team went to the island and performed basic cardiac care, screening, and assessment of the cardiac risk factors.
The team consisted of 5 people.

  • Dr. Icilma Fergus Rowe – Director Montserrat Healthy Hearts
  • Dr. Janice Scobie – Non-invasive cardiologist
  • Dr. Renee Murray Bachmann – Diabetes nurse educator, BLS instructor
  • Nancy Thomas – Project manager
  • Elizabeth Tinuoye – Assistant project manager and coordinator
Activities of 2015

Clinical Care - Diagnosis and Treatment
Dr. Fergus Rowe and Dr. Scobie looked after the clinical care division. Also, Dr. Buffonge provided the needed information and assistance for various patients, which was very helpful and resulted in increased numbers.

BLS Training and Certification
Around 24 nurses were trained in BLS by Dr. Renee Murray Bachmann. Out of this, two nurses also got certified.

Community Outreach and Education
112 individuals were screened and educated by Nancy Thomas and Elizabeth Tinuoye. T-Shirts, pedometers, water bottles, and educational materials were distributed.

Diabetes Education
Dr. Murray Bachmann provided diabetes education.

Lunch and Learn
Dr. Fergus Rowe provided the lunch and learn program to health care providers on the island.

Hike for Fitness Activity
For the Hike for Fitness Activity, 44 individuals participated in a hike led by James Scriber Daley on the Oriole trail. Even the Minister of Health, Honorable Delmaude Ryan, participated in this activity.
Additional items were given away, including health supplements. A total of 100 items were given out during this trip.

Clinical Services of 2014

At Healthy Heart Series, we provided exceptional clinical services to all our patients.

  • 2014 – 79
  • 2015 – 90


  • 2014 – 56
  • 2015 – 60

Total Number of Patients Seen

  • 2014 – 27
  • 2015 – 35


  • 2014 – 52
  • 2015 – 55

Aspirations for the years to come have been going forward with full strength. Our team strives to educate patients with all the necessary information.

  • Training
  • Providing more education
  • Providing cardiac services on the island
    * Stress testing
    * Holter monitors
    * CT Scanning
  • Supplies (including certain medications)
  • Increasing awareness of health issues on the island



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