Feeling and looking your best during the holidays

Feeling and looking your best during the holidays

It’s that time of year when everyone is “supposed” to be in good spirits yet many people feel sad, let down and sometimes lonely. People may overeat or over drink just to feel better!
What to do?
1) Acknowledge how you are feeling to yourself
2) Think about the simple things that make you happy and pick one or two to that you can do – listen to music, dance, walk, exercise, meet a friend, see a movie, read a good book, redo a room (maybe the bedroom)
3) Put on your favorite outfit
4) Hydrate with regular water, sparkling, flavored or fruit infused, or simply mix half juice and half sparkling water
5) Smile – moving the muscles of your face into a smile makes you feel better even if you feel grumpy. This releases endorphins which are the happy juices.

Happy Holidays!!


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